Financial Data Providers

The availability of data is exploding. Traditional information providers are struggling to deal with the challenges of acquiring, integrating and leveraging the newer data sources and the significantly higher volume, variety and velocity.

We help data and information providers win in the market place by helping them identify new sources of data, integrate them with existing data sources – both internal and external, derive insights from these sources and develop new products and services from the newly integrated data. Our clients include one of the largest commercial bureaus in the world.

Financial Services

The recent financial crisis and the subsequent weak economic growth has left banks in unenviable positions. Shareholders continue to demand consistent profit growth even in this environment. Xypress can help the banks and credit card companies significantly improve their bottom line by using smart analytics and big data to grow as well as reduce risk at the same time.

We help financial services organizations transform today’s challenges into opportunities, ensuring that they will be innovators in the industry. Our team members have helped Global 2000 companies in the following segments:

Retail Banking

Credit Cards

Small Business

Wealth Management

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is the largest industry in the United States. Recently, it has been subject to immense pressures due to expiration of patents, drying up of the pipeline of new drugs and competition from generics and from biotech startups.

Analytics can be used to improve sales and marketing effectiveness as well as provide quantitative insights in market research. In collaboration with its partners who are thought leaders on Big Pharma, Xypress uses analytics to provide insights and drive better outcomes in sales, marketing and market research.